Rider Exercises

Posted by letsgoride on July 27, 2013 at 5:05 AM

Here are some real great ways to stretch and supple the rider when not in the saddle:

Stretch back Muscles and Hamstrings:

Good old Toe Touches- stand up straight, roll forward and down slowly trying to touch the floor with your fingertips. Hold to a count of 12. Roll up slowly.

Loosen Ankles and Stretch Calf Muscles:

Sitting in a chair with calves vertical lift toe off floor by flexing ankle. Hold for a count on 12. Then release and lift the other toe.

Ankle Circles both directions:

Rotate your foot to the left 12 times. Rotate your foot to the right 12 times.

Strengthen Arches:

Holding a door frame, stand on one foot. Raise up on toes so your are standing on the ball of your foot, lower back down. An average person should be able to do this 25 consecutive times without losing strength. (Added advantage of strengthening calves and thighs)

The Step Stretch:

To stretch tendons and develop the sensation of having weight in the heels, stand on the bottom step of a stair and slowly stretch down into your heels. Hold the wall to keep from falling. Don’t bounce because bouncing can cause muscle tears.

If you don’t have stair you can purchase a foam half round. It works as well as a step, and it’s portable.

Stretch the Calves:

Stand about 3 feet from a wall with feet flat on the floor. Lean forward a place hands on the wall. Hold for 15 seconds. Do not over do this. Adjust the distance your feet are from the wall according to your own body.


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