Quotes I love how encouraging Aleya is when giving a lesson. Some trainers are very harsh and focus on what the rider is doing wrong. Not Aleya! She is able to fix the problems by breaking it down and explaining it so the student can understand so it comes easily. My 9 year old was posting in her very first lesson! Very happy to have found her and highly recommend Aleya to anyone that wants to learn how to ride! Quotes
V.T. Valley Springs
Very Encouraging!

Quotes Aleya teaches my children riding. She has even taught me when we have the time to spare. I love that she has endless patience with my children. Sometimes, kids can get stuck on one idea and want to cover it again and again. When this happens she just smiles and keeps talking with them. She has taught my 5 year old how to trot. He was scared, but she worked with him in such a wonderful way to make it a natural progression so that he wasn't scared anymore. She works with my 3 year old daughter too. Aleya has a great way of communicating with the kids, and the kids love her. She has even taught them to love stable chores. She has been a wonderful instructor to my children and I would highly recommend her. The kids can't wait to get back and see Miss Aleya every week and learn from her. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I have taken riding lessons for a few years from Aleya. She is patient, knowledgeable and clear. One of my favorite sayings of hers was, "If I'm explaining something to you and you're not getting it, I need to explain it differently." She listens - and demonstrates. I've seen her work with children, also, and these qualities make her an excellent person to work with younger folks. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes Aleya is so dedicated to the horses she works with! She readily explains each and every step a she's doing it. She breaks it down so it makes perfect sense. The results came so fast and the problems I was having with my horse were resolved. Not with a "quick-fix" either. I finally have a PARTNERSHIP with my horse! I wouldn't go to any one else! Quotes
Satisfied Rider

Quotes Aleya thanks so much for your help with Classy. I appreciate your talent for evaluating each horse as an individual, physically and mentally, then responding with compassion and intuitive training. You keyed right in on her main problems and helped her to overcome all that she could at the time. Quotes
Very Happy Horse Mom

Quotes Aleya has brought my confidence back by listening to my goals, being able to assess where I am and what the next steps need to be. It's one thing to be an excellent rider and horse trainer, but it takes a unique skill to be able to break down that knowledge and use it to help increase another person's abilities. She's been responsive, focused and caring in all of her interactions with me and all that I've seen with others. I would recommend Aleya to anyone, any age or ability who wants to improve. Aleya can (and did!) help. Quotes
Now a Confident Rider